Marcio Damasceno


As a result of over twenty years of work and experience in managing artistic careers, Marcio Damasceno is responsible for nationally renowned names. Such result is due to careers worked with extreme professionalism.

In this website you will get to know a bit more about the work of these artists and also observe and analyze their profiles and work experiences..

We take care of how the actors in our casting present themselves and we guide them through all the steps so that, no matter what the context is, they will ponder and project their image the best way possible.

Behind every negotiation involving the hiring of an artist, there is always an organization by a highly qualified team, which prepares not only the paperwork, but also the personal support, such as personalized support in all stages of the proceedings.

Thus, the artists in our casting have only one concern: to give their best in their public presentation and interpretation of their characters, whether in Theater, Cinema, Television, or Streaming.

This is our job: to analyze the market and offer the best to our members, as well as negotiating directly with those who want to hire them.



André Wanderley
Gérard Giaume
Nana Moraes
Vinícius Mochizuki
Andy Dio
Victor Pollak
Gui Paganini


Antônio Araújo
Carla Garan
Cristina França
Juliana França
Rogério S
Tina Kulgemas


Ton Reis
Rico Tavares

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Celso Fontinele
Isabela Lira

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