Passion for sports, trips and all kinds of arts defines Taz Alencar who was born in Rio de Janeiro, moved to the USA at an early age and then to France with his family. It was during a summer course that he ended up doing an intensive in the performing arts, and found out what he really wanted. Taz graduated in business  in San Diego in 2016, and soon afterwards moved to Los Angeles, where he took classes with the American actor and producer James Franco at the prestigious James Franco’s Acting & Film School, and also studied at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

As soon as he returned to Brazil, observing the market trend for the valuing of corporate social responsibility, Taz had the idea of ​​creating the startup Magikk (@magikkarma), a company that distributes a kind of digital currency as a reward to those who invest in social projects. There are already almost five thousand users. “Social engagement is part of my life. What keeps me going  is the desire to make the world better, ”says Taz, who mobilizes actions for beach clean-ups, distribution of food to homeless people,  nursing home visits and activities designed for children with special needs. “The actor is an entrepreneur with artistic sensibility. My life motto is to play artistically in good projects which make an impact on people’s lives”, he claims. Taz has already acted in the soap opera “Apocalipse”, on TV Record;  in the dubbing of the award-winning film “A vida invisivel” by Karim Ainouz and the main highlight of “Mostra Um Certo Olhar”, at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Experience and Skills

2012 – American School of Paris


2016 – University of San Diego

2020 – Dramatized Reading Workshop – Rafael Coimbra


2019 – Movement Laboratory – Leonardo Bertolini


2018-2019 – Speech Therapy – Leila Mendes


2018 – Workshop – “When you Turn On the Camera” – Eduardo Milewicz


2018 – Fátima Toledo Workshop


2018 – Anchor Workshop – Jorge Nassaralla


2018 – Workshop TV, Cinema and Advertising – Rodrigo Candelot


2018 – Eric Morris’s Method of Being –  Zeca Souza Campos


2017 – Lesly Kahn & Company Script Study


2017 – Lesly Kahn & Company Comedy Intensive


2017 – Groundlings Improv Class


2017 – Chris Game Casting Workshop


2017 – Killian’s Workshop


2017 – Comedy Intensive with Sean Whalen (Studio 4: James Franco’s Acting & Film School)


2016- 2017 – Meisner Technique with Matthew Snyder (Studio 4: James Franco’s Acting & Film School)


2016 – Acting for the Camera Intensive with Lak Rana (Studio 4: James Franco’s Acting & Film School)


2015 – New York Film Academy (Los Angeles) 6-Week Acting Workshop


2013 – John Casablancas: Acting & Modeling Center Workshop

Portuguese (Native)

English (Native)

French (Fluent)

Singing: Rap

Musical Instruments: Guitar

Sports: Surfing, Skate, Football, Altinha, Tennis, Basketball, Equestrian, Soccer, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing


Soap Opera

Author: Alexandre Teixeira, Emilio Boechat, Joao Gabriel Carneiro, Marcos Lazarini and Maria Claudia Oliveira

Director: Edson Spinello

Character: Journalist 2




2017 – Put the Wedding on Hold

Author: Yves Beneche

Director: Yves Beneche

Character: Taz



 2017 – Malibu Getaway

Author:  Jennifer Baute

Director: Jennifer Baute

Character: Taz



Author: Lázaro Ramos, Aldri Anunciação, Elísio Lopes Jr. Lusa Silvestre

Director: Lázaro Ramos




Author: Bruno Garotti and Sylvio Gonçalves

Director: Bruno Garotti




Author: Murilo Hauser, Inés Bortagaray, Karim Ainouz, Martha Batalha

Director: Karim Ainouz