Born in Rio de Janeiro, Mary Sheyla is another example of talent polished  by the group  Nós do Morro, in the slum of Vidigal. It was in the group that she gave her first steps into the art world at the age of seven and she is thankful to them for the way her life turned out to be. “I think I´ll always be part of  Nós do Morro. I thank God for including me in a project so revolutionary and I am very happy to be a part of it”, says the actress.

After standing out in the group, Mary Sheyla started seeing results when Cacá Diegues discovered her in 1998 and included her in the cast of the movie Orfeu do Carnaval. Since then, the art of interpretation gained an even greater dimension in the life of the actress, who began to participate in several productions both in the movies and on TV, but not neglecting the theatre, where she worked in plays by authors such as William Shakespeare, in Midsummer Nights Dream, and Lewis Carroll, in Alice in Wonderland, not to mention many other plays.

On TV, Mary Sheila made her first appearance in the Soap Opera O Campeão, which was on air in 1996 on Band TV, but she started to appear more frequently in the small screen with her participation on two programs that Globo TV presented in the end of the 90´s: Você Decide and Linha Direta. Both shows worked as passport for her to reach higher, and in 1999 the actress premiered in the Soap Opera Suave Veneno, under the direction of Marcos Schechtman, who had directed her in O Campeão. From this point on, to see Mary Sheyla in action turned out to be a constant thing, and between 2001 and 2008, she acted in comedy shows, mini series and soap operas like Brava Gente, A Casa das Sete Mulheres, Cidade dos Homens, Sob Nova Direção, A Diarista, A Lua Me Disse, Desejo Proibido e Dicas de um Sedutor. These are examples of great opportunities which lead her to be directed by names like, Jaime Monjardim, Roberto Talma, Marcos Paulo and Roberto Farias. “Television enchants me, because it is wonderful to have the privilege of being inside peoples houses, be them rich or poor”, says Mary Sheyla, who affirms that acting is like oxygen for her.

Although, if on TV the actress has been consolidating her talent with each new work, in the movies Mary Sheyla brings in her baggage nothing less than a Golden Kikito for best supporting actress, won in the Gramado Festival of  2006, as a result of her magnificent interpretation in the movie Anjos do Sol. “This award was recognition of a work. With it, my career got respect and credibility” says her, with great satisfaction. She was also part of one of the major successes of the last decades in the national movie industry, Cidade de Deus.

About the future, Mary Sheyla knows exactly what she wants. “I want to continue doing what I do

Entre em Contato

Bianca Rinaldi



2006 e 2008 Import Vocal - Royal Shakespeare Company



TV serie
Writer: Luiz Noronha
Director:  Andrucha Waddington
Character: Rita



Writer: Miguel Falabella

Director: Cininha de Paula

Character: Shaniqwa

2015 - Babilônia - TV Globo

Writer: Gilberto Braga
Director: Dênis Carvalho
Character: Ivete

2014 - PÉ na Cova - TV Globo

Writer: Miguel Falabella
Director: Cris D'Amato
Character: Soninha (Depois da Lipo)

2014 - Mais x Favela - Multishow

Director: Luciano Vidigal, Luciana Bezerra, Gustavo Mello
Character: Dicéia

2012 – Aquele Beijo TV Globo

Writer: Miguel Falabella
Director: Roberto Talma
Character: Marisol de Souza

2010 - Separação - TV Globo

Writer: Alexandre Machado
Director: José Alvarenga Jr
Character: Namorada de Delavega

2009 – Força Tarefa - TV Globo

Writer: Fernando Bonassi
Director: José Alvarenga Jr

2008 - Dicas de um Sedutor - TV Globo

Especial Fim de Ano
Character: Valdirene (ep: Embarangada)

2007/2008 - Desejo Proibido - TV Globo

Writer: Walther Negrão
Director: Marcos Paulo
Character: Maria Aparecida Conceição da Penha (Cidinha)

2005 - A Lua Me Disse - TV Globo

Writer: Miguel Falabella
Director: Roberto Talma
Character: Jurema da Mata (Whitney) 

2004 - A Diarista - TV Globo

Writer: Glória Perez
Director: José Alvarenga Jr
Character: Cineide (ep: O Que o Figueirinha Tem?)

2004 - Sob Nova Direção - TV Globo


2003 - A Casa das Sete Mulheres

Writer: Maria Adelaide Amaral
Director: Jayme Monjardim
Character: Beata

2003 - Cidade dos Homens - TV Globo

Writer: Fernando Meirelles
Character: Mirka (ep: O Cunhado do Cara)

2003 - Papo Irado, no “Fantástico” - TV Globo

2001 - Brava Gente (TV Globo)

Director: Roberto Farias

1999 - Suave Veneno (TV Globo)

Writer: Aguinaldo Silva
Director: Marcos Schechtman
Character: Jussara Freitas

1999 - Linha Direta (TV Globo)

1999 - Você Decide (TV Globo)

Director: Roberto Farias

1996 - O Campeão - Band

Writer: Ricardo Linhares
Director: Marcos Schechtman
Character: Maria Socorro Vianna da Silva



2006/2008 - Os Dois Cavaleiros de Verona

Writer:  William Shakespeare
Director: Guti Fraga e Fátima Domingues
Character: Julia
From: Brasil e Londres

2004 - Sonhos de uma Noite de Verão

Writer: William Shakespeare e adaptação de Luiz Paulo Corrêa e Castro
Director: Fernando Mello da Costa
Personagem: Titânia

2003 - Alice no País das Maravilhas

Writer: Lewis Carroll e adaptação de Jorge Furtado
Director: Ernesto Piccolo
Character: Lagarta e Cozinheira

2002 - Noite No Vidigal

Writer: Luiz Paulo Correia e Castro
Director: Gute Fraga e Fernando Belo da Costa
Character: Mulher da Televisão

2001 - Doido Varrido

Writer:  Duda Ribeiro
Director: Cristina Pereira
Character: Doida

2001 - É Proibido Brincar

Writer: Luiz Paulo Corrêa e Castro
Director: Guti Fraga
Character: Sinhá Tiana

1999/2000 - A.M.I.G.A.S.

Writer:  Duda Ribeiro
Director: Cristina Pereira
Character: Dadá

1998/1999 - Abalou, Um Musical Funk

(Indicação ao Prêmio Coca-Cola de Teatro Jovem)
Writer:  Luiz Paulo Corrêa e Castro
Director: Guti Fraga e Fernando Mello da Costa
Character: Clauséia

1994/1995 - Machadiando

Writer:  Machado de Assis
Director: Guti Fraga
Character: Dona Laura

1990 - Show das 7

Writer: Guti Fraga

1989 - Show das 5

Writer:  Guti Fraga

1988 - Bi Roska

Writer: Luiz Paulo Corrêa e Castro

1987 - Os Dois Ingleses Maquinistas

Writer: Martins Penna
Director: Guti Fraga


2018 – CRÔ 2 – In FamILy

Director: Cininha de Paula

Character: Magda

2016 - Campo Grande

Director: Sandra Kogut
Character: Vanda

2015 - A Esperança é a Última Que Morre

Director: Calvito Leal
Character: Tenente Danuzia

2015 - Um Homem Só

Director: Claudia Jouvin
Character: Mãe

2010 – Olhos nos Olhos

Character: Karim Ainouz
Personagem: Comissária de Bordo

2008 - Polaróides Urbanas

Director: Miguel Falabella
Character: Rizette

2007 - Jogo de Cena

Director: Eduardo Coutinho
Character: Jack Brau

2006 - Anjos do Sol

Director: Rudi Lagemann
Character: Celeste

2000 - Cidade de Deus

Director: Fernando Meirelles e Kátia Halundi
Character: Mulher do Neguinho

1999 - “A Breve História de Cândido Sampaio

Director: Hugo Carvana
Character: Sem teto

1999 - Orfeu do Carnaval

Director: Carlos Diegues
Character: Be Happy


1997 - Banda Central do Brasil

Música: “Rebola”

1996 - Cidade Negra

Música: “Minha Irmã”



2000 - Mar de Palavras

Production: Mult-Rio
Director: Roberto

1997 - Dez Programas Educativos Voltados Para a Cidadania

Production: TVO
Director: Vinícius Ruis