Disciplined, committed, punctual, professional and passionate, all these words define the talented actor Ricardo Chavez. Born in Mexico City, it comes from a family of artists, and his first experiences on camera happened very early, when she began working in commercials.

Since boyhood, Ricardo felt a great need to express their emotions and feelings through art. First dreamed of being a singer, but over the years discovered his true passion: acting. That way he began his long road of success for 16 years, when he stepped for the first time in a theatrical setting. At this time, moreover, has practiced classical ballet, having studied at the renowned National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico, birthplace of great dancers of international repute. Ricardo also studied with a legend of flamenco: the famous Fernando Valdez.

Later, although he continued working and studying theater, Ricardo decided to experience the world of fashion, being discovered by major producer of fashion shows. Quickly, he achieved great popularity, which led him to travel through several continents representing several renowned international brands such as Hugo Boss and Armani.

However, work was a necessity of his soul. That way, Ricardo decided to definitely stay away from modeling career to return to his great passion, devoting himself entirely to interpretation. So, soon began working on novels of great importance in Mexico, the most importation television network in Latina America or the Hispanic market.

Having worked on nine productions with this company, Ricardo later received an ofter from TV Globo to move to Brazil and play the antagonist in the novel Vale Todo (adapted version of Anything Goes for the Hispanic market), opposite Antonio Fagundes.

After this work in Brazil, Ricardo moved to Miami and he’s got the opportunity to work in American cinema starring in first film in English, the film Pretty Boy in which he played the main character and which won a prize at Made in Miami Filme Festival.

Soon after, Ricardo was hired as the protagonist of the film “Se Fala Espanhol”, another production in English, which participated in some of the most important film festivals in the world, providing valuable references in his work as an actor.

With 18 novels, 21 plays, eight films and over 100 television programs in the curriculum, Ricardo decided to continue developing his career in Hollywood, “La Meca del Cine”, in order t consolidate globally. Since then he has participated in several episodes of major American series such as CSI, Law & Order and South Beach among others.

Entre em Contato


Ricardo Chávez



English, Spanish and Portuguese.


Specializing in martial arts, boxing, Japanese sword, motorcycling, cycling, firearms, rowing, triathlon, swimming, volleyball, basketball, soccer and ballet.


Latin Pride National Awards

Best Actor of the Year.
Boston, EUA.

No Limits Hispanic 2006 Talent Awards

Best Actor of the Year.
New York, EUA.

Fame Magazine 2006 Awards

Outstanding Performance.
Miami, EUA.

Orchid USA 2006 Awards

Best Actor of the Year.
Miami EUA.



Novel: O Juramento

Character: Protagonist.

Novel: Dame Chocolate

Character: Protagonist.

Novel: Terra de Paixões

Character: Protagonist.

Série: Decisões

Character: Protagonist.

Novel: Prisionera

Character: Protagonist.


Serie: South Beach

Character: Protagonist in English.


Novel: Vale Tudo

Character: Antagonist.


Novel: Adventures in Time

Character: Co-protagonist.

Novel: First Love at 1000 X Hour

Character: Co-protagonist.

Novel: Embrace me Tight

Character: Co-protagonist.

Novel: Three Women

Character: Co-protagonist.

Novel: Betrayed Women

Character: Co-protagonist.

Novel: Paths to Glory

Character: Co-protagonist.

Série: Agustín Lara’s Life

Character: Co-protagonist.


Movie Television: King Lear

Character: Co-protagonist .


Buda’s Head

Feature film in Spanish.
Direction: Jesus Garcini.
Character: Protagonist.

Se Habla Español

Feature film in English.
Direction: Gabriel Del Río.
Character: Protagonist.

Pretty Boy

Feature film in English.
Direction: Jesús Rivero.
Character: Protagonist.

The Brazilian Girl and The Dummy Cuban

Short film in Portuguese.
Direction: Carlos Marchand.
Character: Co-Protagonist.


Who is The One Guilty?

Casa Panza – Miami.

Andres, There Comes the Train

Viejo Repúdios.
A Casa do Ator - México City.


Erie Smith.
El Hijo Del Cuervo - México City.

Meeting Hours

Teatro Silvia Pinal - México City.

The Visit of the Beast

El Hijo Del Cuervo - México City.

How to Forget My Past

Teatro Hidalgo - México City.


I.S.S.T.E. - México City.

Waiting for Godot

I.S.S.T.E. - México City.

Tito, the Little Elephant

Tijo, el Lagartijo.
Foro Ecatepec - México City.

The Fiddler in the Roof

Teatro Manolo Fábregas - México City.